Consumer Insight

At FMSS, we believe that consumer-centric thinking leads to product profitability and enduring brand success. By co-creating products with the consumer, we identify the key-drivers in their decisions and vastly minimize the risk associated with consumer rejection.

Our research methodology gains deeper insights into how consumers conceptualize a product category, how they filter choices, and how they actually use a product, brand, or service. Combined with trend analysis and sensory data, the FMSS team discovers emotional factors that spark consumer engagement with products and brands. Through this process, we transform demographic and trend reports into collages, visually revealing sensory cues and themes that spell out previously unarticulated consumer needs and wants.

We capture and summarize data to pinpoint sensory patterns and themes to shape the concepts and products we create to inspire our clients’ consumers. Our team strengthens clients’ qualitative research efforts with concept writing, focus group support, and protocept/prototype development. We enrich clients’ quantitative research with actionable translations of sensory data that precisely inform prototype and product development.