Ad Claim Support

Marketing, as advised by legal counsel, can request documentation to support a product attribute claim -- a claim anchored in a consumer benefit.  The claim could span singular or multiple product attributes (i.e. creamier, juicier, crispier, cheesier, etc.). Whether the claim is printed on the product’s packaging or stated in the company’s advertising, Food Marketing Support Services Inc. will provide the documentation to validate your product’s attribute claims with confidence in preparation and statistical protocols.

If the comparative context for the product attribute claim is internal to the organizations’ current offering, FMSS, Inc.’s panel of highly trained sensory assessors will generate reliable supporting claim data in lieu of costlier consumer research. 

Reliable and reproducible outcomes require rigorous statistical design and protocol management to withstand legal challenge. The FMSS team is highly experienced in this area, and can partner with your marketing and legal teams to custom design reliable product attribute claim support documentation.

Optimize your product’s attributes.  Advertise their benefits with confidence. Succeed and sustain with the support of FMSS.