Product Investment Due Diligence

Successful food and beverage products must be competitive in the contemporary marketplace to connect with discerning consumers. FMSS has been trend-aware for over thirty years. Tenured product design and development experience is valuable not only to product developers, but also to investors and executives who are considering a potential merger or product acquisition. FMSS offer customized due diligence product research that identifies relevant product issues and minimizes investor risk.

Investment Guidance

Prior to investing in a food or beverage company, the FMSS team can assist in prescreening a candidate company’s products for marketplace viability. Due diligence could include comparative benchmarking versus the competitive landscape, understanding consumer preferences relative the competitive set, or identifying opportunities for improvement and / optimization. Our sensory, consumer insight and technical subject matter experts will provide fact-based product guidance that will yield valuable dividends to investor stakeholders. Findings and recommendations will result in investor confidence and risk mitigation.  

Maximizing Success

In today’s competitive marketplace, a product generally has one chance at acceptance by consumers. In an effort to win repeat purchase and gain consumer loyalty, it is critical that a product connect with consumers, provide a benefit, and deliver a positive sensory experience. It is imperative that investors and executives not only understand their products’ position in the marketplace, but also, optimize its sensory profile to meet ever-changing consumer preferences. The FMSS team is prepared to provide the sensory and consumer due diligence required to keep your product current and poised for long-term growth.