Our Story & Founder

Nancy Rodriguez, President and Founder of Food Marketing Support Services, Inc., has dedicated her career to the art and science of food and beverage design, development, and commercialization. Nancy is a descriptive sensory expert and passionate advocate of bridging consumer insights to inform the product design process.

Nancy started her career at Swift and Company; a career rich in creative opportunity, scientific rigor, and entrepreneurial spirit. The opportunities at Swift were truly the grounding place for Nancy to practice and hone her sensory, product development, and management skills. The skills learned built upon a foundation of ethical personal and business practices that provided the roots for her to grow something of her own. In 1985, Nancy founded Food Marketing Support Services with no venture capital, in a restaurant pizza kitchen. Equipment was moved in every morning, and out every evening, in order to accommodate the “space/no storage” agreement between Nancy and the owner of the restaurant. The business then transitioned to a dedicated kitchen and office in Nancy’s home. After a few cramped and creative years, the company moved to its present location in Oak Park, IL.

One of Rodriguez’s primary objectives in founding FMSS, Inc. was to provide a challenging and supportive work environment for its employees. "I wanted to attract and retain inspired individuals who were industry-raised and versed in Best Practices models - a team of critical thinkers, who were nimble and open to the creative opportunities an entrepreneurial consultancy can offer." After over 30 years of success, FMSS continues to live by Nancy’s vision and continues to focus on 5 core fundamentals:

fmss fundamentals.png

Video: Tour of FMSS