Our Team of Food & Beverage Product Development Experts

Our diverse team of professionals and industry experts is the reason FMSS has the reputation it does, and is able to work across all sectors of food and beverage. Our team includes food scientists, a CIA-trained chef, culinarians, dietitians, consumer strategists, sensory analysts, statisticians, professional descriptive panelists, design specialists, consumer marketers, and hospitality professionals. We are a small and nimble, yet powerful group, that works collaboratively to deliver outstanding results.

Nancy Rodriguez -President and Founder

Nancy Rodriguez
-President and Founder

Daniel Rodriguez -Chief Operations Officer

Daniel Rodriguez
-Chief Operations Officer

Melissa Knorr -VP of Consumer & Sensory Strategies

Melissa Knorr
-VP of Consumer & Sensory Strategies

Kathy Collins -Director of Human Resources

Kathy Collins
-Director of Human Resources

Monique Morris -Operations Manager

Monique Morris
-Operations Manager

Melanie Sirois -Culinary Lead

Melanie Sirois
-Culinary Lead

Sue Warner -Sensory Technician

Sue Warner
-Sensory Technician

Patty Vopenka -Business Manager

Patty Vopenka
-Business Manager

Marlene Graziano -Executive Admin Assistant

Marlene Graziano
-Executive Admin Assistant

Annette Rosenquist -Master Taster

Annette Rosenquist
-Master Taster

Nancy Rinehart -Master Taster

Nancy Rinehart
-Master Taster

Sheila Russell -Master Taster

Sheila Russell
-Master Taster

Meg McGregor -Master Taster

Meg McGregor
-Master Taster

Teresa Branda -Master Taster

Teresa Branda
-Master Taster

“I believe that beyond the technical skills, FMSS’ people added some two ingredients that made the difference: Passion and Teamwork. The former made us feel as we were sharing the same commitment, the latter facilitated us in managing a very complex, very professional network of people ranging from great chefs to extraordinary marketing experts.”
— VP, Globally Recognized Italian Food Company